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"Truth is unchangeable

what you do with the unchangeable truth



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Once there lived a great architect  who had to decide on the strongest material with which  to construct his opus magnum.

The architect found himself debating between three candidates:


Gold, Diamond and Steel.


Each had fine qualities.

Qualities which portrayed measures of strength but ultimately failed to meet the most important requirements of the architect.


The architect was so incensed by the failure of his top three candidates he locked them up and buried them far from public view.


“Let those who desire glitter and glamour seek and find you in your hideout.

I have no use for you.  Out of my sight.”


He commanded the three failed candidates.


Afterwards, a gentle material presented herself to the architect and whispered in the sweetest voice;

“I can handle over seventy percent of all your structural requirements if you give me the opportunity.

I know the experts did not recommend me to you as a strong material. 


However, I silently took the initiative to research your design requirements and I believe I can meet if not exceed your structural expectations.

I have the emotional intelligence to rise and lower myself to any level, making me able to fit in any situation or space.

Through an innocuous leak, I will gently and quietly inform my neighbors of any weaknesses that might need immediate attention.

I will carve any shapes you need for your construction and I will carry any material on my back no matter how large that material is.


I will do all this and also provide nourishment and refreshment for all the workers who  labor to construct your masterpiece.


I will remain gentle as I accomplish my responsibilities, never coming across as hard or aggressive except when you require me to show force, then I will comply.”

The architect listened with great admiration and responded; 

“I am awed. You represent everything I need for my work.

From now on, I will make more of you and less of the rest.


I will multiply your presence greatly in all my handiwork so that everyone who seeks wisdom and understanding might learn from your ubiquitous presence.”

And with that, the great architect went on to make over seventy percent of his opus magnum water.

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