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"There is no greater tragedy than to fail to recognize your heart's desire when it shows up" 




who rejected 


and found


A couple of nights ago, I had an unexpected visit from the man with π inscribed on his hands.

He told me an interesting story about an ancient man.  He did not mention the name of the ancient man.  All he said regarding the man  was the fact that he was extremely prosperous in everything he laid his hands on.

The man with π inscribed on his hands went on to tell me a strange story regarding this successful man.  

Unlike most prosperous individuals who  personally avoid putting themselves in harm's way, this man was different. 

He had no trepidation of confrontation.  

This  man immediately picked up arms to personally go and liberate the person he cared about and who had been taken captive by four kings. 

The story, according to the man with π  inscribed on his hands, was that four kings overpowered   five kings in whose jurisdiction his nephew lived.  When the four kings overpowered the five kings,they took the nephew of the prosperous man captive.

The prosperous man upon hearing what had happened to his nephew, took up arms and fought the four kings till he overpowered them.

After conquering the four kings and liberating his nephew from captivity, the prosperous man was on his way home when something strange happened.


He met two individuals on his way home.

He first met one of the liberated five kings.   One of the liberated five kings came up to the prosperous man and offered to split his property with him.  

The prosperous man declined and would take nothing offered by the liberated king.

After declining to take anything from one of the five kings, the prosperous man encountered another person.   A strange person who suddenly appeared from nowhere.

This strange person was also a King.   He was the King of  a place called Salem, translated to mean 'Peace'.


The prosperous man accepted everything this King of 'Peace' had to offer unlike what transpired moments earlier with the previous king whose offer was flatly rejected.


The man with π inscribed on his hands asked me what I thought of the story.

"Strange and confusing," was my reply to him.


The man with π inscribed on his hands asked me if I had forgotten the story of the five guards.


(Click here to access the story of the five guards)

(Refer to for the entire book of chaos)

He asked me if I thought there was any relation between the story of the five guards and the story he just narrated to me.

I saw no correlation, so he asked me to assume the five kings represented the five guards in the book of Chaos.  He then went on to say if the five guards were overpowered by four kings, who could those four kings be, that could possibly overpower the five guards known as Love, Hope, Responsibility, Pain, and Fear?

I was having a difficult time coming up with any answers so the man with π inscribed on his hands asked me if  DOUBT  in today's world made people LOVE LESS, HOPE LESS, TAKE LESS RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, experience MORE PAIN and FEAR MORE .  

I answered in the affirmative.

He asked me if I could think of three more things that created similar sentiments in people as DOUBT does towards the five attributes of LOVE, HOPE, RESPONSIBILITY, PAIN, AND FEAR.

I mentioned PLEASURE, DESIRE, AND THE LAW as the three things I could readily think of.

He did not dispute my answers, so I took that to mean he acquiesced.

He continued; "If  THE LAW, PLEASURE, DESIRE, and DOUBT are the four kings who overpowered the five kings of LOVE, HOPE, RESPONSIBILITY, PAIN, AND FEAR, then which one of the five kings decided to share his property with the wealthy warrior?" the man with π inscribed on his hands asked me.

I decided to guess, so I said FEAR. I  tried to explain my answer;  "FEAR  wanted to get in the  wealthy warrior's head by sharing his possessions with him.  FEAR wanted the prosperous man to begin to 'fear' the consequences of his actions by deciding to go to war against the four powerful kings of THE LAW, PLEASURE, DESIRE, AND DOUBT.   Since fear gives its bearer no peace,  the prosperous man did the right thing by deciding to have nothing to do with what FEAR offered.  By rejecting FEAR and what he had to offer, the prosperous man suddenly found PEACE,  for the 'King of PEACE' suddenly showed up and gave the wealthy warrior his heart's desire."


That was my answer to the man with π inscribed on his hands.   

Somehow, I sneezed before my final word came out of my mouth.  During my sneeze, I briefly closed my eyes, and when I opened my eyes back, the man with π inscribed on his hands was no where to be found.

"may our paths be lit always; and may order replace the chaos"

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