"To those who should have recognized me, I showed my face, everyone else I gave them π"





Out of the blue today, I remembered  a strange but interesting story the man with PI inscribed on his hands told me during one of his visits. 

He talked about a triangle.  The triangle was stable and indestructible.  It was no ordinary triangle.  This triangle was equilateral; however, each arm was different.


One arm of the triangle was a hammer.   The arm of the triangle which was a hammer, does what hammers do.  Throw down the gavel with little time for niceties.  This arm is all business and all powerful.





The second arm of the equilateral triangle was a sword.    A double-edged sword that made things happen.  A sword for peace, and a sword for war.  The choice of what the sword would represent  lay in the hands of those who approached it.  A sword so sharp no material could resist it, for it had the ability to slice and expose any hidden contents of any material.   This was a sword with every authority imaginable.




The beautiful sickle that made up the third arm of the stable equilateral triangle was a harvester like no other tool. 

Any ripe grapes, grain, or fruit of any kind loved the sight of this sickle, for the sight of the sickle meant any fruit which was ripe no longer had to tarry on the tree.  It was time for freedom when this sickle showed up.


“What is the meaning of the triangle story,” I asked my friend.    He did not answer me.   He just showed me the inscription on his hands and walked away.

"May your path be lit always; and may order replace the chaos"

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