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"Truth is unchangeable

what you do with the unchangeable truth










Many years ago, there lived 3 individuals by the name of

Power, Wisdom and Nobody.   

The 3 lived in perfect harmony with no acrimony or discord. 


The 3 individuals were equal in stature, ability and clout.

However, for  reasons best known to them alone, Wisdom lowered Himself  and did not claim equality with Power.   Wisdom served Power.   


Nobody stayed neutral in the arrangement. 

The arrangement worked flawlessly and it was nothing short of a beautiful spectacle.

After a while of enjoying perfection in their relationship, the 3 decided to replicate their existence.

They wanted "mini-mes" to represent the relationship they enjoyed.

Power created   "mini-me" and called  "mini-me"   Control.

Wisdom created  "mini-me" and called "mini-me" Knowledge.

Nobody created "mini-me" and called  "mini-me" Somebody.

The "mini-mes" were fully fashioned.   

The plan of the 3 was to have Knowledge serve Control

Just as Wisdom lowered Himself to serve Power, the expectation in the replica was for Knowledge to serve Control.

In the beginning,


everything worked flawlessly in the the replica.

It was a beautiful spectacle.

The relationship between

 ControlKnowledge and Somebody


was a perfect microcosm of the relationship which existed between


Power, Wisdom, and Nobody.

There was great jubilation by the




They loved seeing their relationship so flawlessly replicated

in their "mini-mes."


One day, Control came across Knowledge and saw Knowledge doing some incredible and wonderful things.

Control was warned in the beginning not to depend on Knowledge but rather depend on Wisdom.  


"Consume not knowledge, for you depend on that which you consume."  


That was the cogent advice given to Control in the beginning.

Control could not believe his eyes when he saw what Knowledge could do.   


Knowledge seemed independent and was accomplishing incredible things on his own.

Control thought to himself; 


"If I can just have knowledge, I will be independent and I will not need Wisdom and Power interfering in my affairs."

The allure of independence was too strong for control to resist. 

So Control went against good counsel and consumed Knowledge.

With the consumption of Knowledge,


the tables were turned.

The Consumption of Knowledge by Control meant Control became dependent on  Knowledge.

Control begun to serve that which was supposed to serve Control.


Great enmity ensued between Control and Knowledge.

Control's dependence on Knowledge became a very painful ordeal.   


As painful as childbirth.

Control hated serving Knowledge for that was not how it was supposed to be.   


Knowledge was supposed to serve Control.

The enmity between thewas bitter and deadly.

What is this chaos we see going on in the abode of our 'mini-mes'?





asked themselves in disbelief.

It was not supposed to be this way.

Why is it that Control has  placed Knowledge on a vertical pole and looks to that vertical pole of Knowledge for the solution to his afflictions? 





enquired among themselves.

"I will visit the abode of our 'mini-mes' and  correct this travesty.   This abomination we are witnessing must end.  I will personally see to it."

Wisdom said to  Power and Nobody.

"You really want to do this?"

Power and Nobody asked Wisdom.

"Yes, I will do this.  I love our 'mini-mes' too much to allow this chaos to continue in perpetuity"   Wisdom replied.

So Wisdom came to the abode of the 'mini-mes' to fix the mess.

"Who is this?"  Control enquired when he saw Wisdom.

"I thought I told you to disappear a long time ago.  What are you doing here?   Leave me alone to wallow in my chaos"  Control  berated Wisdom.

"Come, let us reason together" Wisdom gently replied Control.


"This chaos you have put yourself in is not normal. I can help restore order.  Please let me help",  Wisdom pleaded with control.

"Did I stutter the first time I told you to disappear?   What is this?   I said leave, and I mean leave." 


Control yelled in his drunken stupor at Wisdom. 

With that, Control borrowed the vertical pole from Knowledge and added his own horizontal beam and made a public display of Wisdom.

"Maybe these nails will drive home my  point to leave me alone and never ever come back here again"  


Control continued to scream and stagger in his drunken state as he raised up Wisdom on the display edifice he put together to hoist up Wisdom as  a


public spectacle.

Control was so drunk he forgot to take back his horizontal beam after the public display and ostracization of Wisdom.

Wisdom ended up returning to the abode of the 3 taking along with him the vertical pole of  Knowledge and the horizontal beam of Control.

When Control finally woke up from his drunken state, he enquired about his missing horizontal beam.

Anybody seen my horizontal beam of Control?   he kept yelling.

"Ask yourself"   


He heard a voice in his head answer back.

"Am I hearing voices or is this real?"

Whatever the case, I think I need help.   

The hungover Control begun to advice himself.

Good Luck!!!!


An Interesting matter arises in this tragedy of




Control and Knowledge.

Even though the chaotic pair have been completely subjugated by the Triad of POWER, WISDOM AND NOBODY,

The chaotic pair


hates to lose a fight.

So they continue to hold themselves above the  Triad.

Control and Knowledge even though nonexistent, create an illusory system where  the 2 is supposed to be greater than the 3.

What nonsense is that?

What a bunch of idiots!!

How can a chaotic 2 be greater than a majestic and harmonious 3?

Yet the  2 continue to hold this myth to be true.

In their depraved minds the 2 continue to believe in the notion that they are over the 3.

So they create an imaginary system where the 2 sits on the 3.


what is this?

They continue to deceive themselves believing that 

nothing preceeded the big bang of 



According to these clowns,

There was nothing in the beginning.

And then suddenly there was a tiny, hot and dense particle.

The tiny, hot and dense particle without provocation exploded to create a sytem.

The system according to their depraved view looks like





That is what a system where 2 sits above the 3 looks like.

For they believe there was nothing.  Then there was a particle which exploded to create a universe of sixes...........

Believe what you may.

Good Luck!!!!!



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