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What is in a name?

What is in a name?

The month of March is famous for “madness.”

Aptly named “March Madness”, the name symbolized a joyous celebration;

Made for TV drama as college hoops took center stage.

Year after year, many of us looked forward to “March Madness”.

Then year 2020 hit and visited upon us a different kind of Madness.

Not the madness we were accustomed to seeing every March.

This madness is real. This month of march reminds us what the word “madness” truly means.

The other “half” of madness has been visited upon us; a reminder that all things come in pairs.

I hope everyone is safe during this hard time as we are painfully reminded that all things “come in pairs”.

Let us learn to cherish and enjoy the half that is gentler and kinder to us, but always be prepared when the other half shows up.

Written by the one born on day 2 of week 2, 22 years before the year 2000.

"the world awaits"


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