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We hope in the end you find what you came for

-----Which group are you?----

You walk into a retail building, 

you quickly notice 3 groups of people;

The ones about to exit.   

They are happy.  Not much bothers them. 

They finalized their shopping. 

Mission accomplished.  

They got their stuff and they are on their way out!

The 2nd  group has been shopping for a while.  Still shopping.  

They have very little patience; they are snappy.  They have been shopping longer than they expected.  

Time is of the essence.  

Don’t try to get in their way.  

You might regret it.  

Let them complete their shopping and get out.  If you cannot help them expedite, 

please stay out of their way.  

The 3rd group just walked into the building.  

They are smelling the roses and admiring the beautiful merchandise.  

They are relaxed.  

They just got here.  

They have all day to iterate.  

Pick stuff up.  Put them down.  

Place items in their bag, change their mind and take it out of the bag.

Good luck to them.  

We hope they find all they came for.

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