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This is grim...and unimaginable

Consider this situation: You are watching live tv and you see your loved ones encapsulated in an unknown object. The object begins to heat up. As you watch with great discomposure, this unknown object which has your loved ones trapped within it, heats up beyond the hottest summer day you ever encountered. Then it heats up to over 100 degrees. The heating continues until it reaches 27 million degrees. This object is now as hot as the sun. The horror on your face at this point is unimaginable. Meanwhile, the object continues to heat up relentlessly until it reaches an unfathomable temperature. The temperature of this mystery object that has all your loved ones together with everything you ever cared about trapped within it is now 1 billion degrees, 109 K hot. It is over. At this point, you have given up all hope of ever seeing your loved ones again. Then; as if to add salt to injury, this mystery object explodes with unimaginable force and fury pushing out everything it had trapped within it. The sight is so horrific and unbearable you close your eyes and let out the most gut-wrenching scream. All you ever loved and cared about is gone forever. Then you open your eyes and find out all your loved ones and everything you ever cared about are standing right in front of you smiling and wondering why you are so sad. “How did you guys survive what just happened to you?” You ask them with genuine bewilderment. “Who survives such heat? and the explosion? Who survived the big bang?” You did. I did. All our loved ones and everything we care about survived the big bang. And I am supposed to be afraid of an asteroid smacking the earth or some other misfortune? The only species I wish did not survive the big bang are hypocrites. Hey, somehow they made it too. Deal with it.

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