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The Coup D'Etat of the 4 sons of "Power"

The coup d’etat:   

The 4 sons of “Power”

There lived an old man  by the name of “Power”.  He  had 4 sons and 3 beautiful mansions.

He named his sons “Anybody”, “Somebody”, “Everybody” and “Nobody”.

To determine who would inherit him, “Power” gave  his 4 sons  an important task to accomplish.

“Anybody” could have done it. “Everybody” kept thinking it was “Somebody’s” job, so in the end,

 “Nobody” did it.

The 3 siblings who failed the task,  got jealous of their 4th brother called “nobody” and decided to usurp the 3 beautiful mansions of their father.

They said unto themselves;   Our father has his 3 mansions.  If we take them, everything that belongs to our father will become ours.

      We will have “power” to ourselves they imagined.                                                      

With that, they went on to capture the first mansion called  “knowledge.”

Armed with “knowledge”, they went on to capture the second mansion called “understanding.”

With “knowledge” and “understanding” under their belt,  they easily captured the third mansion called “control.”

Once they got “control” they thought they had Power”.

But “Power” was nowhere to be found.

The 3  brothers were very upset and decided to go find their 4th brother “nobody” for they thought, “our old man “Power” is probably hiding with him”.

The 3 brothers searched everywhere but could not find “Nobody”.

They asked themselves,   “What does “Nobody” like?”

For  If we can identify what “Nobody” likes, we will surely find “Nobody” there.

“Nobody” likes nothing.”  They thought to themselves.  

“Nobody” depends on nothing.   Therefore, lets go find nothing for we will surely find our brother where nothing is.

When the three brothers got to the abode of nothing, they found a woman by the name of “Wisdom” sitting there.

“We are looking for our brother “Nobody” and our father “Power”, have you seen them?”

“Wisdom” looked at them for a minute and then with a gentle smile she said,

 “you three boys thought you could have “Power”  to yourselves through “control”, which comes from the “understanding” of “knowledge”.

I am sorry to disclose this to you kids,  you were wrong.

To have “Power”   you need nothing.

My name is  “Wisdom”, and I need nothing for I come from nothing.

I, Wisdom am married to  “Power” and “Nobody” is here with us.

You cannot have “Power” without me, for we are one.

If you truly want “Power”, you must first have me.

  To have me; 

 you must relinquish “control” of not just anything, not just something, you must relinquish everything.

If you relinquish all these, you will need nothing for you will have  both “Wisdom” and “Power”.

“Nothing”  that comes from the “Power” of “Wisdom” can be destroyed.

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1 Comment

Royal Swan
Royal Swan
Jan 19, 2020

Lord Acton should have have phrased it "control corrupts" and "absolute control corrups absolutely".

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