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The best business model?.......Look to this beautiful blue crystal

It was Friday afternoon and my good friend Wiyor and I sat in business class listening to our marketing professor explain STP as it pertained to business. Wiyor poked me on the side and whispered, “this is the reason a lot of businesses die off quickly.” You see, our marketing professor was explaining what any business desiring to be successful in its industry must do; S------Segment the market into different constituents T-----Target the segment you want to attract to your business P------ Position your business to be successful in meeting the demands of the segment you target Later that day, keeping with our Friday evening routine, Wiyor and I stopped at “The Tavern” of Republic Hall to gulp a few foaming liquids. After a few glasses, I remembered Wiyor’s dissent with our professor earlier in the day. I asked him what he meant by “this is why businesses die of quickly”. My good friend Wiyor’s ability to analyze things after a few beers was legendary, so I braced myself for an eye opening expose. Wiyor took one more gulp, cleared his throat and then begun; “You see, this planet earth we live in is a business unto itself. The earth has established itself as a sustainable business that appeals to all constituents.

The earth does not Segment, Target and Position itself to a particular demographic.

The earth operates its business in such a fashion which makes it attractive to all constituents. That is why the earth never experiences a recession. The earth’s business model is sustainable and profitable. The earth operates in such a way as to ensure the circle of business remains intact without having to transform that circle into an unsustainable arc. Businesses go bankrupt and die off because they operate counter to the blue print the earth has presented. They target imaginary segments, and then go on to chase after meaningless metrics forcing themselves into a downward spiral that is unsustainable and in the end cause irreparable damage to themselves by losing relevance. You want me to explain in further detail?” Wiyor enquired. “No, I am good.” I replied. “I am going for another Bubra. It is Friday night let me chill a little.” I told him and walked off to see what other good things “The Tavern” had to offer on a gorgeous Friday night.

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