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My Mentor and Hero

The greatest influence in my life

was a man who first of all failed to fit any preconceived molds that were expected of him.

He was an individual who questioned everything.

He insisted on looking at all things from a different perspective rather than the generally accepted “traditional” views.

Nothing was off limits to what he questioned.

He even questioned the true meaning of “mother”, “brother” and family.

He did not question all things with the intent to be obnoxious;

Neither was he aiming to please.

He was publicly derided; for he ruffled too many feathers with his approach.

The powers that be could not stand a “man from nowhere” stimulating the minds of the people they controlled.

The solution was to permanently silence this man and end the “scourge” he was visiting on society.

Unbeknownst to the plotters of the “final solution”,

in carrying out their sinister plan, they unwittingly brought together two things that have been at odds with each other from the beginning of time:


On the day they carried out their evil plot,

Wisdom and Power,

which hitherto hated each other with great passion, found peace with one another and were merged into one.

By trying to destroy Wisdom,

They unknowingly ceded to him the Power they thought they possessed.

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