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Mental Toughness, What is it? How do we cultivate it?

Mental toughness comes from within.

Mental toughness can be likened to an air-tight ship which even though finds itself in turbulent waters, does not allow the water from the ocean to enter it.

For it is not the waters of the ocean which sinks the ship.

It is the water which enters the ship which causes the ship to sink.


How do we cultivate an air-tight mindset in order to prevent fear and worry to sink our business or life?

1. Know why you are in business (Motive): Are you in business to help people or simply to make money? If you are in business to help people then continue to do so the best way you can and you will naturally develop mental toughness.

2. Understand the only power you have are the choices you make. There is so much we do not and cannot control in the world around us. What we can control are our choices. Concentrate on making the right choices and worry not about things you cannot control and you will develop mental toughness.

3. What will happen will happen. When you realize how little control we really have, it is much easier to worry less. Do your part by doing your best under the circumstances which lie before you and let the chips fall where they may.

May peace cling to all who read this and may order replace the chaos in our world.

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