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It was day 2 of week 2 of the last but 2 month, 22 years before the year 2000.   

The nursing midwife named Christiana was delivered of boy number 2.    

It had been 2x2 

years since bringing forth her first boy. 

Boy number 2 was  named Ayin Dolmah  due to the strange dreams and unusual happenings Christiana experienced  prior to the boy’s birth. 

Ayin Dolmah  was a regular boy like all others; He could not dance, sing or run very well but besides that,  he was pretty normal. 

He was home until the age of 6 when he was enrolled in St. Charles elementary school.   

For a strange reason, the principal told Ayin Dolmah’s father it would be a waste of time to put the 6 year old boy in the first grade.   

The principal recommended that the  boy who had never stepped foot in pre-school, kindergarten, or any other formal classroom start his formal education by skipping first grade and rather start in second grade. 

Upon completing second grade, the principal showed up again and told Ayin Dolmah he would not be going to third grade.   

The principal wanted the boy to go straight from second grade to fourth grade instead.   

Thus, 2 years were shaved off Ayin Dolmah's elementary education. 

The rest of Ayin Dolmah’s life was normal like that of any other boy his age except  the periodic “random messages” strangers from nowhere would deliver to his parents and relatives. 

Somehow, the boy himself never met these ‘strangers’.  

He loved to travel, and he met many people as he grew up. 

Never did he meet an unkind person. 

He loved to study all  subjects except one;  

He loved 

History,  Literature, Religion, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. 

He loathed Mathematics. 

He loved to debate his friends on the subjects he studied.   

All the subjects he loved lent themselves well for debate for they touched on various aspects of science, faith and belief systems.  

These subjects touched on deep aspects of people’s subjective views. 

Mathematics stood apart as the subject with nothing to debate.    

Mathematical concepts could be approached from so many angles but as long as the thinking was sound and logical, the resulting answer was always the same.  

Ayin Dolmah hated mathematics with a passion for it was too boring.

Not much to debate. 

Ayin Dolmah loved people;   People loved him back. 

He connected with all people the world over but he continued to hate mathematics.

Until He met a man with the mathematical symbol of π inscribed on his hands. 

Ayin Dolmah wanted to debate the man but he quickly realized this was not a man to debate.    

The man was infinitely deep.  

Ayin Dolmah  understood quickly that any attempt to debate this man would be a complete disaster.   

Ayin Dolmah knew when to fight and when to fold.    

This was a time to fold.  

For the first time in his life Ayin Dolmah shut his mouth so he could listen.  

The man with π inscribed on his hands asked  

Ayin Dolmah if he loved knowledge. 

Ayin Dolmah answered in the affirmitive. 

The man with π inscribed on his hands asked Ayin Dolmah a second question.    

He wanted to know if Ayin Dolmah would love to see knowledge unify the world instead of divide it. 

Ayin Dolmah answered again in the affirmitive. 

The man with π inscribed on his hands went on.    

“If you truly say you love to see knowledge unify all people on earth then why do you hate so much the one subject that unifies all subjects?”   

Ayin Dolmah answered back;  

“what do you mean by the subject that unifies all subjects?” 

The man with π inscribed on his hands responded; “you love geography, physics, chemistry, biology and all the rest of the subjects Ayin Dolmah, yet you loathe with a passion, the only subject that unifies all these subjects.

All subjects are tied together by mathematics.   All subjects add their own twists and interpretations but none of them will exist without mathematics.  Are you sure you truly want to see all people unified through knowledge?” 

Ayin Dolmah was perplexed.    

“Are you saying I need to love mathematics  if I want to see the world unified?”  

He asked the man with π inscribed on his hands. 

“Yes”  the man answered emphatically. 

“How is that possible?, what is the connection between mathematics and world unity?” 

Ayin Dolmah enquired. 

“Mathematics is undebatable.  It can be approached from all angles, but if the thinking is sound, the answer will always be the same.”   The man with π inscribed on his hand started his explanation.   

He continued; 

“The Truth that has eluded the world,   lays hidden in that which you hate so much Ayin Dolmah.     

If  you want to see  the world agree on that which is True,  I charge you to find it in the very thing you hate”, he concluded. 

“What do you mean?”   Ayin Dolmah asked the man.   

Ayin Dolmah was truly confused by the man with π inscribed on his hand’s assertion. 

“I mean, the Truth the world has been looking for and tragically killing  and destroying each other over is in Mathematics. 

You want to know the Truth?   Start with π. 

The Truth is in  PI”. 

The man with π inscribed on his hands uttered the words  

“The Truth is in PI”  

while looking at Ayin Dolmah with a deep piercing stare. 

The man meant every word of what he told  

Ayin Dolmah. 

Ayin Dolmah believed him and started attempting to love mathematics from that day. 

Ayin Dolmah started with PI.

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