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"There is no greater tragedy than to fail to recognize your heart's desire when it shows up" 


Mr. Folly’s Dummy

Folly Foolworth  was by all accounts a very fortunate man. 

How else do you characterize a man so fortunate as to have a special friend who brings him all good things in life?


Folly’s special friend was called Wisdom.

Many people who knew Folly, preferred to call him Mr. Folly as a sign of respect, due to the plethora of abilities and good things which surrounded his life.


Good things, which were constantly brought to him by his friend Wisdom.

No one knew the source of Mr. Folly’s endless abilities.

His friend Wisdom, who happened to be the source of all the good things Mr. Folly possessed, never told anyone what she was doing for him. 

Many people thought Mr. Folly naturally possessed his skills and abilities. 

Wisdom possessed incredible qualities.  Nothing was outside her ability to figure out. No obstacle was too big for Wisdom to overcome.


She was a natural at everything.  She had no dependence on anything.   All things came to her effortlessly.  

For she carried all things.

One of the things Wisdom carried with her wherever she went  was a dummy by the name of Knowledge.

Wisdom’s dummy, came effortlessly to Mr. Folly, for she was carried by the graceful and savvy Wisdom anytime she came to visit Mr. Folly.

Life was good for Mr. Folly.


Wisdom continued to spoil him with every good thing imaginable for she loved her friend Mr. Folly limitlessly.

Things continued beautifully for Mr. Folly until he did something inexplicable one day.

On this unusual day, Wisdom came to visit her friend as usual.


She carried her dummy Knowledge as is customary whenever Wisdom visits.

On this fateful day, Mr. Folly waited for his faithful and loving friend Wisdom to show up.

As soon as Wisdom walked through the door, Mr. Folly attacked her.


He pounced on her and viciously mauled her.  He spit on her and beat her.  He pulled her hair and mocked her.

Mr. Folly’s behavior was chaotic and unnatural.   There was no reason for it.

As Wisdom sobbed tears of blood; tears borne out of disappointment due to her friend’s behavior more than the physical hurt he was causing her, she asked Mr. Folly gently; 

“Why are you doing this?  What wrong have I ever done to you to deserve this treatment from you?  Why this cruelty towards me, when all I ever did was love you and bring you all good things you ever desired? 

Why, Mr. Folly, why are you visiting this wickedness on me?”

As Wisdom cried in pain, Mr. Folly yelled cruelly at her.  He screamed at her to shut up.

Mr. Folly shouted;

“You ask me why I am doing this to you?  You should know why.  Are you not Wisdom? Since you act as though you do not know the reason I am doing this to you, I will articulate it clearly to your understanding. 

I am doing this because of your dummy called Knowledge. I have lusted for her ever since I set eyes on her.  You keep bringing her to me when you visit. 

I want her all to myself from now on.   I never really cared for you, Wisdom. I only pretended to like you so you will keep coming around with Knowledge. As long as I kept you around, I knew I would get to see Knowledge.

The problem is; 

you keep getting in the way of what I want to do with your dummy.  I want to see her nakedness, but you are an ever present obstacle.

I have therefore figured out what to do to end this problem.  This scourge, which happens to be you, I will terminate for good.

I am going to tie you up, then cover you, I will then proceed to uncover your dummy called Knowledge so I can satisfy my long-awaited fantasies with her.”

At this, Wisdom replied,

“I cannot believe you are doing this Mr. Folly.  You have always had full access to my dummy Knowledge anytime I have come to see you. 

Why this wickedness from you? 

Do you understand my dummy has no legs and hands of her own to come to you? 

Mr. Folly, if you follow through with your evil plot, you must understand that henceforth, the only way you will get my dummy to come to you will be for her to crawl painfully on her belly to you. 

For I will no longer gracefully carry her to you as I have done all these years.  

My dummy will no longer be nice to you when she visits you for she will be in great pain from crawling long distances on her belly to get to you. 

The excruciating pain due to crawling on her belly, will cause her to be aggressive towards you.


She will bite you, when you think you are getting a kiss from her.


What you are doing Mr. Folly, will lead to a very chaotic relationship between you and Knowledge. 


Instead of the harmonious relationship which has existed between the two of you because of me, you will have much acrimony from now on due to the very poor choice you are making, Mr. Folly.” 

Wisdom concluded while in tears.

“Shut up!” Mr. Folly screamed at Wisdom.


He continued;

“Do not tell me what to do! You think you know all things.  You should have seen this coming, you silly thing.  I am not going to listen to a thing you say.”

With that, Mr. Folly tied and covered up Wisdom


While Wisdom was covered up, Mr. Folly went on to happily uncover Wisdom’s dummy called Knowledge.

From that day, chaos was born, for Wisdom stayed covered up and no longer carried Knowledge gracefully on her back to Mr. Folly. 

Instead, Anytime Mr. Folly wanted to see the dummy, she crawled aggressively and painfully to him. 

The relationship between Mr. Folly and his new friend Knowledge was so painful to watch.


It was like child-birth.


It was full of screams, loud cries, pain and suffering.

That was the new reality for Mr. Folly, the day he decided to attack and cover up the graceful Wisdom and instead,

uncover the nakedness of the dummy called Knowledge.

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