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"What monarch ever visits a city without first sending his surrogates?" 





Last night, I watched a movie about monarchs in medieval Europe. 

It was a very interesting movie. 

Quite a long movie I must admit, but still very engaging.


Very few movies capture my attention beyond the first thirty minutes. 

For an inexplicable reason, this movie kept me glued for over two hours of intricate plots, abuse of power, lost trust, sinister love triangles and countless other twists.

I was ready to go to sleep by the time the movie was over.

It was late.  

I switched off the TV and staggered like a wounded animal towards my bed. 

I had only one thing in mind as I made my way towards my bedroom.


The only thing about the movie which managed to somehow force its way into the analytical portion of my brain as I approached my bed and readied myself to jump like an Olympic swimmer into its softness, was Lord Acton’s words; 

“Power corrupts, and absolute Power corrupts absolutely.”

Corruption due to uncontrolled power was in full display throughout the long medieval movie I just finished watching.

“No wonder the free world and many modern nations moved away from the monarchy and gravitated towards a system with independent arms of government through the  separation of powers,” I reasoned to myself just before I lay down to sleep.

My head barely touched my pillow before I was already in the land of dozers.

As I rested peacefully,

I heard a loud cough.  When I turned to look, it was the man with PI inscribed on his hands.

“I hope you gleaned many lessons from the movie you invested over two hours of your time watching,”  the man with PI inscribed on his hands began to speak.

“You know, time lost can never be recovered so I sure hope you are not wasting time on frivolous and worthless activities.


You are a smart man who will not waste time on things which are worthless, so tell me; what did you learn from the time invested watching that movie?” He asked me.

“The importance of the 3 equal and independent arms of government  in mitigating corruption by checking the unfiltered power that would otherwise be the sole preserve of a few individuals.” 

I answered back to the man with PI inscribed on his hands.

“Great analysis son, I am proud of your insight.  That convinces me your time was well spent,”

the man with PI inscribed on his hands retorted back to me.

He continued to speak. 

“As important as the lessons you gained from the movie were, there is one major lesson which you failed to mention but which was all over the movie,” he concluded.

“What would that lesson be that I missed?” 

I enquired from the man with PI inscribed on his hands.

“Did you notice the kings and queens never  visited a place without first sending surrogates to prepare the way for them? 

Did you fail to observe throughout the movie, that there was never a time when a monarch went anywhere without the necessary preparation by lower officials to ensure things were perfect and ready for that monarch to show his or her face? 

Can you tell me one instance in the movie when a king or queen

‘just shows up’ to a place without the appropriate preparation first being completed?”

The man with PI inscribed on his hands asked me.

“No, I am not aware of an instance in the movie where a king or queen

‘just showed up’ to a place without the appropriate structures being put in place to ensure an excellent reception for the monarch.”

I answered him.

“Good.  You observed well.” 

The man with PI inscribed on his hands uttered with a smile.


“Let me tell you about the sad situation of a King whose surrogates failed in this simple task,” 

the man with PI inscribed on his hands continued to speak.

“This King was known as King Jay. 

He was a Great King with a very kind and loving heart. 

He loved everyone in his Kingdom like no King ever loved his people.  

The problem was, anytime he visited any part of his Kingdom, the people chased him away back to the palace.

It was a sad and unusual spectacle for a King who should be loved and greatly respected by his people.”

“Why was that?  Why would a great King, if indeed he was as you say, a great King, be treated with so much disrespect by his people?” 

I quickly interjected his story with a question.

“Good question,” he replied back to me.


“The reason  the King kept getting chased out of towns and cities within his own Kingdom was because he had officials in his court who violated the most basic principle as it pertained to preparing the way for their King to visit any place he desired to go. 

King Jay had two very trusted surrogates he entrusted to always go ahead of him to any city he desired to visit.


The two surrogates of the King were supposed to do exactly what surrogates do before the King arrives; 

ensure all conditions are right for  His Majesty’s visit.

King Jay named his two surrogates LOVE and OPEN MINDEDNESS.

He loved to call them King Jay’s Lo-op.

King Jay loved these two surrogates to a fault. 

They were stellar. 

Anytime they showed up to a place before King Jay made an appearance, the people always received their King with open arms and great joy. 

No one ever chased the King out of town as long as Jay’s Lo-op went ahead of him.

Things changed for King Jay, when some corrupt officials of the King’s court plotted to cause his downfall. 

These corrupt officials, who pretended to love their great and kind King, in reality, hated him with a passion.


They hated him for being so fair and kind. 

His sense of justice and equity meant these corrupt officials were unable to extort from weak and marginalized members of the Kingdom.

The corrupt officials hated this.  

They hated the King for his righteousness, so they plotted to foment trouble for him.

The corrupt officials put together an evil plan to make the King unpopular among his own people.

The plan which the evil officials hatched was to ensure the King’s trusted surrogates never made it to any place the King wanted to visit.

Anytime the King made plans to visit a city, the corrupt officials would intercept his message to his surrogates LOVE and OPEN MINDEDNESS.


The corrupt officials made sure King Jay’s Lo-op never got his message.


After intercepting the King’s message to Lo-op,   the corrupt officials would then send their own rascals to the city the King intended to visit.


The wretched monsters the corrupt officials sent ahead of the King instead of his trusted surrogates were known as PRIDE and JUDGING.

PRIDE and JUDGING were experts at wreaking havoc for the King.

They served the bidding of the corrupt officials to perfection while causing lots of trouble for the loving King.

This travesty, perpetrated by the corrupt officials of the King’s court, continued for a long time and succeeded in making the great King extremely unpopular among his own people.


The scourge visited by PRIDE and JUDGING on cities and towns across the Kingdom prior to the King’s visit caused many people to talk of banning their own King in many places within the Kingdom. 


It was that bad for King Jay.

The King eventually found out what was going on behind his back.  


He identified all the corrupt officials of his court who put together the evil plot to discredit him among his own people.

Let me ask you a question.  

If you were King Jay, what would you do to the corrupt officials once you identified all of them?”

The man with PI inscribed on his hands asked me.

“I WILL CLEAN HOUSE,”  I yelled in anger.

“I agree.” 


The man with PI inscribed on his hands retorted.


“House cleaning is the appropriate thing to do.   

There is no other acceptable alternative to correct the evil the corrupt officials visited not only on the King himself, but to the people of his Kingdom.  

The strife and chaos visited on the land due to the infiltration of

PRIDE and JUDGING was unconscionable.”  

The man with PI inscribed on his hands concluded.

I could not help but ask him a question. 

“Is this a true story or some hypothetical narrative you conjured out of your head?”


The man with PI inscribed on his hands did not answer me. 


He just looked at me with the deep piercing stare and shook his head. 


His demeanor was not a happy one.

“Can I use your restroom?”  He asked me.


“Of course, help yourself,” I answered him.

He walked off into the restroom and I did not hear from him again.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was 7 AM.

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