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"Truth is unchangeable

what you do with the unchangeable truth







It was Friday morning.  The westerly winds were particularly strong last night. 

Stronger than usual. 

I woke up to a spectacle of leaves and debris everywhere in my backyard.


The sight was horrendous. 

“There lies the end of my original Friday morning plans,” I thought to myself.


“Now, I must spend all day cleaning up all this trash which the mercilessly strong winds from last night wrought upon me,” I reasoned.

So, I grudgingly  set about to do what I had to do.


Clean up the trash.

I cleaned, and I cleaned, till evening came.


when evening came, I was quite proud of myself as I looked at what I had accomplished with all the trash.

I contentedly  went inside the house to take a well-deserved shower to freshen up.

Afterwards, I decided to take it easy on the couch. 

I underestimated my level of exhaustion from all the cleaning earlier in the day.


My behind barely touched the couch before I dozed off.


There are somethings in life you cannot cheat.

Exhaustion is one of them.

So I dozed off. 

My eyes were hardly closed before the man with PI inscribed on his hands showed up.

“Why are you so fixated with the biodegradable stuff?” the man with PI inscribed on his hands asked me.

“What do you mean I am fixated with the biodegradable stuff?” I retorted.

I was not in a very good mood.  I needed to rest.  Why this talk about biodegradable stuff at the most inconvenient time?

“You spent all day cleaning.  Well done.   I am proud of you.   Now look at you.  Exhausted as a mango fruit squeezed from all sides. You did that to yourself,” the man with PI inscribed on his hands said to me.

“What do you mean I did that to myself?  Did you see all that trash I woke up to this morning?  How was I supposed to handle all that trash without getting exhausted?”  I enquired angrily.

I got the gentle smile.


A moment of silence.


The deep piercing stare, I had become accustomed to from the man with PI inscribed on his hands.

He broke the silence after all that was over.

He began:

Look here young man, you spent nearly 90 per cent of your day cleaning up the biodegradable stuff.  

Leaves, straws, branches, and all kinds of foliage.  All these are biodegradable. 

Biodegradable stuff are designed to self-dissolve.


They take care of themselves.  They do not harm anything or anyone. 


As a matter of fact, they are an essential part of the natural order. 


Their existence is good for renewal and growth.


Are they unsightly?  You betcha they are an eyesore! 


But they are not your real problem. 


When you have the luxury of time, you can spend it cleaning the biodegradable stuff.

However, when time is of the essence, such as was the case this morning, why would you spend 90 percent of your time on the biodegradable stuff which do no harm and yet you invest only10 percent of the time on the

non-biodegradable stuff which do the most harm?

Let me tell you something.  Unlike the biodegradable stuff which self-dissolve and do no long-term harm except being an eyesore, the non-biodegradable stuff can only be eliminated by incineration.

You must burn the non-biodegradable stuff in order to rid yourself of their presence.

The non-biodegradable stuff do not self-dissolve.


They stay on forever as a stench to your nostrils.


They possess no long-term benefit to the natural order like the bio-degradable stuff do, and yet they stay on until someone throws them in the fire.

Fire is how you permanently get rid of the non-biodegradable trash!

So, if you will listen to me for once young-blood, all I am saying is you could have saved yourself a lot of exhaustion if you had just concentrated more on getting rid of the non-biodegradable trash in your backyard; and then as time permitted, deal with the bio-degradable stuff at your own convenience.

I know you are tired so I will not hold you too long.

I will keep it brief so you can rest.


Do you remember the story of the four kings who overpowered the five kings?  

The five kings were liberated by a faithful man who later rejected everything one of the five kings wanted to share with him.

Upon complete rejection of what one of the five kings offered, the man immediately found peace in its fullness.

“I do remember the story,”  I answered the man with PI inscribed on his hands.

“Good.”  He retorted.

He continued:

Let me give you a tip.  I know you young folks think you know everything, but if you will permit me, I will offer you unsolicited advice.

Out of those five kings, two of them are non-biodegradable, and will be eliminated the only way you eliminate non-biodegradable trash. 


Two of the remaining three kings will self-dissolve, for they will not be needed when all is said and done.

Only one king will remain in the end.

Now;  I know you think you are too old for homework.



I want you to do some homework and figure out which of the five kings are non-biodegradable and which of them are biodegradable. I want you to figure out  which of the kings will stand apart in the end.

“What type of homework is this?” I asked in protest.

“Look to the wall behind you for the answer,”  the man with PI inscribed on his hands replied to me while pointing at the wall behind me.


I turned to look at what he was pointing at.


I looked at the wall and saw nothing.

When I turned back to look at the man with PI inscribed on his hands, he was no where to be found.

He was gone.

"May our paths be lit always; and may order replace the chaos"

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