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"Truth is unchangeable

what you do with the unchangeable truth






It is very interesting how human behavior stays consistent under similar circumstances.

A nation under bondage by another with no relief or hope in sight for the subjugated nation. 

In the midst of despair, hopelessness and desolation, a man shows up under divine guidance to bring hope to the subjugated people and lead them out of captivity.

It was not an easy task to convince the nation which held them captive to free the subjugated people and let them go.

The man who was sent to liberate the captive nation had to employ ten steps of ‘progressive discipline’ in order to get the captors to finally loosen their grip and acquiesce to the liberation of their captives.

The captives were first hand witnesses of the ten step divine providence which led to their freedom.

The only requirement for the now free people was to stay true to the One True  Power who liberated them  out of captivity when they had no where else to turn.

The people promised to do just that. 

They collectively promised to stay true to the One who liberated them in a manner never before heard in the history of the world.

Shortly after leaving the land of their captors,  the newly free people approached the land they were to call their own but they were without a constitution to govern behavior as they prepared for their new life of freedom.

The man who was divinely directed to free the captives was again instructed to go to a place where he was to receive the constitution that was meant to govern the people from the same divine hand which freed them from bondage.

It took the man 40 days to get the completed  document of constitution from his divine source to bring back to the people.

The 40 days the man was gone was considered an awfully long time by the people he left behind.

In the span of 40 days, the newly freed people lost trust in both the man who had left to bring their constitution and the divine source which saved them from captivity.

As nature abhors a vacuum, the people quickly looked for something else in which they could place their trust and hope.

They found that new thing in their gold and wealth.

The people created a deity out of their wealth and placed all their trust in it to save and deliver them from their troubles and afflictions.

Needless to say, the unconscionable behavior of the people did not go well for them when the man returned after 40 days with the constitution.

Suffice it to say mayhem was visited upon the people when the man returned.











Some time later, the events above occurred again on a much larger and global scale.

This time, the entire world was told to wait while the liberator of mankind returned to establish the final order of things.

After 2000 years, the people who were told to wait decided to behave exactly as their forebears by denying the Truth  which liberated them and instead placed their trust and hopes in money, possessions and wealth.

May the inevitable mayhem which awaits when the world liberator returns to establish order once and for all be shortened and made bearable to the people who have chosen to remain stiff-necked in the face of reason.

May order replace the chaos in our world today.

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