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"Truth is unchangeable

what you do with the unchangeable truth







 There exists a realm of perfection. 

A realm created by Power and Wisdom where suffering does not exist.  Suffering has no place in the realm of Power and Wisdom because

Ignorance (the source of suffering) had been kicked out of their abode.

Power and Wisdom are one and the same entity who decided to separate their functions in the same fashion as a government which even though is one body, separates its functions into the executive and legislature.

In the separation of functions between Power and Wisdom, Wisdom decided to lower herself in order to serve Power even though she knew she was equal with Power.

By lowering herself to serve Power, Wisdom became the sole conduit to Power since all of Power was in Wisdom. 

Ignorance was the opposite of Wisdom and that was why he had no place in the perfect realm.

Wisdom was naturally humble and so lowered herself on her own accord to serve Power.

Ignorance was naturally prideful and tried to exalt himself to the same level as Power.

Wisdom is the source of Truth.

Ignorance is the source of Lies.

Wisdom through Truth has foreknowledge of all things.

Ignorance operates retroactively for he has no foreknowledge. 

Probability is the only tool available to Ignorance when attempting to display foreknowledge.

Wisdom sees the Truth in all things.

Ignorance only sees the outward appearance of things.


Wisdom is not saddled with insatiable desire.

Ignorance has an unquenchable desire called passion.


Wisdom is free of all things.

Ignorance is yoked with innumerable burdens.

When Ignorance with his myriad problems was kicked out of the perfect realm of Power and Wisdom, he became homeless with no place to reside.

He moved about aimlessly and restlessly looking for a place to live for he had no ability to create his own realm.

As Ignorance moved about, he discovered that a new realm had been created by Power and Wisdom which was modeled on the original realm of perfection.

The newly created realm was given its own version of Power and Wisdom.  Originally fashioned as one body, but later transformed into two separate but equal parts of the same body.

This was done to better reflect the original realm of perfection.

After  the separation of Power and Wisdom in the new realm was completed,  the newly created Power laid eyes on the newly created Wisdom and desired her greatly for he knew he was not complete without Wisdom.

Other entities were created in the new realm to represent various attributes of life.

The donkey was created to represent stubbornness.

The horse was created to represent majesty and gracefulness.

The deer represented speed and swiftness.

The eagle represented the all-seeing eyes of truth.

The lion represented Power.

The snake represented Wisdom (this was because the snake was given no hands or legs and yet was given the ability to do things no other entity could. 

The snake did all these things as a display of Wisdom, which needs nothing in order to function).

Life was good in the new realm but Ignorance was still homeless and desperately looking for a new home. 

He saw an opportunity to take over the newly created realm, so he devised a plot.

Ignorance understood the only way to take Power in the new realm was  to go through Wisdom.

Ignorance began his agenda by first taking the form of the entity created to represent Wisdom (which is the snake).

Ignorance used this strategy with the intent to engage and corrupt the Wisdom of the new realm.

For Ignorance understood that if he could corrupt the Wisdom of the new realm, he would easily overcome Power as well, thereby controlling both Power and Wisdom within the new realm and making the new realm the abode of Ignorance.

Ignorance succeeded in his agenda of corrupting the Wisdom of the new realm, taking control from its inhabitants and established himself as the sole authority of the new realm.

Ignorance was successful in his plot because he put on the outward appearance of Wisdom and thus  confused the inexperienced inhabitants of the new realm, for they had not mastered the ability of looking within for the truth instead of looking at the outward appearance.

If the inhabitants of the new realm had looked inward for the Truth, they would have recognized the trick Ignorance was playing on them and not have fallen for it.

Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the new realm, their inability to look at what comes from the inside instead of being fixated with the outward appearance led to the loss of authority to Ignorance.

Once Ignorance took control of the new realm, he brought his belongings and made a home for himself in the new realm.


Ignorance was no longer homeless.  His belongings which he brought with him were; lies, suffering, pride, death and many other fruits of Ignorance.

Once Ignorance took hold of the new realm, chaos was born.

Power got mad at Wisdom and blamed her for surrendering their authority to Ignorance.

Power in his angry state became oppressive instead of gentle.

Power began to look only for his own well being instead of caring for the inhabitants of the new realm.

Power became selfish instead of selfless

Power even began to believe the reason he lost his authority to ignorance was because he did not have adequate Wisdom by his side. 

Realizing the importance of  Wisdom,  Power began looking for and attaching himself to a multitude of Wisdom with the hope of finding the right Wisdom who might help him get his authority back.

It did not work. 

It exacerbated the chaos.

The original Wisdom from the perfect realm saw the confusion in the new realm and understood that the root cause of the chaos in the new realm was the lack of understanding of how to properly recognize Truth. 

The inhabitants of the new realm were too fixated on the outward appearance of things instead of paying attention to what was coming from the inside, for the Truth in all things. 

The Wisdom of the perfect realm  decided to personally come and get rid of Ignorance and restore order by giving the authority stolen by Ignorance back to the new Power and Wisdom.

But before banishing ignorance from the new realm, the original Wisdom decided to personally teach the new Power and Wisdom, the art of proper recognition of Truth.

So, the original Wisdom came to the new realm to restore  order but  before she chased out Ignorance, she had the inhabitants of the new realm practice the art of Truth recognition by covering their faces so that they might learn not to look at the face but instead, the hands and the works of the one they sought to identify.

It was a challenging exercise for the inhabitants of the new realm to have to learn how to cover their faces, for they just did not know how to identify the Truth without fixating on the face and outward appearance.


Painful exercise? 


Was it necessary? 


For without it, Ignorance would try to take hold again by utilizing the outward appearance to deceive.

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